How we managed to Rank our new website on Google without Backlinks

We often hear from many SEO experts that strong backlinks are one of the most essential steps in SEO. However, that is not always true. We ran an experiment to make this more evident. Before we jump onto the steps here are the Google Webmaster stats, to understand the Organic traffic we receive from Google.

We got around 1500 clicks and 26700 impressions (number of views on Search Engine Results Page – SERP); this may seem ok for some of you however, this is quite good when compared to websites who can’t even get 10-15 clicks through SEO.

So, here’s the process: 

Step I: Get a .org domain:  Though this is not mandatory, I would recommend this if you are not looking for a company website. One of the main reasons is that Google gives more importance to the .org & .edu domain extensions.

Step II: Get a WordPress website ready: It’s quite easy to get a website up these days, you can do it yourself or get some developer set-up the system for you. You will require a hosting service too if you are opting for Make sure the WordPress theme you select is lightweight and quick to load.

Step III: Install Yoast SEO Plugin: There are many SEO WordPress plugins available however I personally prefer this one since it gives an easy indication (red, orange & green) on whether the page content or article is readable, is SEO friendly. The free version allows you to optimize the article for one keyword however, it works well. We used the free version only for Prosthetics India too.

Step IV: Content for the website: Since this was a blogging website, we made sure the content met these parameters:

  • Lengthy (1000 to 1500+ words)
  • Original Content (used premium to check plagiarism)
  • Included a few listing articles (Listing content/articles are given more weight by Google as the user gets all the information at one place.
  • The frequency of content 3-4 articles per month

Step V: Enable AMP Version: We went on to enable AMPforWP plugin for WordPress, this automatically converts your blog articles in Accelerated Mobile Pages. They are given more importance by Google mobile index. Again we used the free version only, you need not go for the paid version.

These are stats of  Some of the Ranking Keywords are:


It is definitely possible to rank your sites on Google without relying on backlinks; though it will take some time, it definitely is the safest method of getting organic traffic.



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